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How to register: Please call or email your sales representative. Please give your representative your email address and contact information so we can confirm your information.

Transferring your Files: To transfer files using FTP you must have an FTP Client program installed on your computer. Those can be obtained freely at many software download websites. You may already have your own FTP client which is also fine.

If you are unfamiliar with the use and operation of FTP then go to this website and read this short FTP tutorial.

Download the file and follow the installation instructions. Once you have installed the program all you need is our FTP address, a user name and a password. Our FTP host address is ftp.berteksystems.com. A username and password must be obtained from you Bertek sales representative.

Please feel free to create any directories you need to make your job easier. When transmitting files please put any art files in the art folder and any data files in the data folder. You must put your files in either of these folders, you cannot put it in your home directory.

Also please transmit a file named done.txt when you are done transmitting. This prevents us from prematurely accessing the files and damaging them.

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