Custom Card Solutions

Loose CardsUV Coated Loose Cards

Bertek specializes in the manufacturing of short-to-medium production runs of loose plastic cards and tags - offering a range of 10mil to 24mil plastic cards that can be die cut in various shapes from a simple CR-80 (credit card size 3-3/8” x 2-1/8”) to custom designs to meet your customer’s fancy. For these cards, we use a hard UV epoxy coating as a protective finish. Additional special coatings are available that enable us to add silk screen panels such as security imprints, signature panels, and scratch-off coatings. Our UV Coated loose cards are printed by using our HP Digital press, our UV Offset press or a combination of both – as determined by your application. Most common applications for our loose cards are Membership Cards, I.D. Cards, Loyalty Cards, Discount Cards, Door Hangers and Gift Cards (non-magnetic striped).

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Tip-On (Affixed) Laser Cards

Bertek excels in providing Tip-On Laser Cards to meet the specific needs of your laser card/form combinations. In this process, we coat the carrier (form) with an adhesive pattern that firmly anchors the laser card to the form so that it will easily process through your laser printer. We can affix as little as one card to as many as 8 cards on the form. We use a 28# MOCR bond as the carrier (form) which results in a very dimensionally stable product for use in most laser printers. The card material itself is a 7mil to 7.5mil laser quality white polyester. We have varying grades of polyester to meet your application needs and your budget. Our Tip-On Laser Cards are perfect for processing membership renewals and eliminates the need to match the printed card to the membership renewal letter - since both are imaged at the same time. They also process easily through most types of insertion equipment. We recommend you have knowledge of both the laser printer and the equipment through which the Tip-On Laser Card/Form will be processed.

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