Product LabelingShort to Medium Run, High Quality, Digitally Printed Prime Labels

With the "first moment of truth" being the most important marketing opportunity for a brand, the appearance and design of your product label is paramount. Our HP Digital Press, using a liquid ink technology, yields the highest quality digital print in the market. Being a 7 color press, our HP Digital Press is able to match up to 97% of the colors in the Pantone color library. We also are able to print an opaque white base ink which can yield eye-popping color on clear label stock and create dramatic effects using a metalized film or paper stock. Being a digital process, our HP Digital Press allows us to handle a multiple SKU print job with ease - as no plates are required. In addition to providing the highest quality print, our HP Digital Press is environmentally, very friendly - by reducing the amount of make ready material by up to 96% and eliminating the need for using plate material. Once your customer account is set up, you can get custom label quotes and place your digital print orders directly via our website 24/7 or if you need personal assistance, you can call us direct at 800-367-0210 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Our operating hours are 8:00am to 5:00pm (Eastern Standard Time).

Long Run, High Quality, Flexographic Prime Labels

When digital printing does not make sense due to an order’s run length, Bertek has the option of transferring the job to our 8-color flexographic presses that are specifically designed for high quality, long run jobs. Our presses use primarily water-based inks; however, we have up to two UV curing stations for those jobs requiring UV coatings.

On-Pack Booklet Labels

Utilizing our 12-color UV Letterpress equipment, we have the ability to create expanded content labels, also known as booklet labels. They are perfect for promoting your brand. Since they are folded products, they provide the opportunity to increase print real estate by up to nine times its closed size. They are perfect for conveying product use ideas, making multilingual product instructions, or providing the consumer with an IRC - Instant Redeemable Coupon - to drive sales of the product.

On-Pack Coupon Labels

Using the same 12-color UV Letterpress equipment, we have the ability to create 2-Ply, coupon labels - perfect for promoting the sales of a brand. We can provide coupon labels using either a clear plastic label base that allows graphics on the prime product label to show through, or provide it with an opaque label base - where the base ply can extend the print real estate of the coupon label.

Pattern-Coated Product (Packaging) Labels

When a full coat of adhesive does not make sense or impedes the functioning of the product’s packaging, Bertek has the ability to coat adhesive on just those areas of the label necessary for its functionality. Examples of this construction include vegetable wraps - where small bags of vegetables need to be bound together such as snack packs. Another example would be sealing a clam shell package. And yet another example would be tear-off coupons - where the adhesive coated areas stick to the product’s package and the coupon can be torn off freely.

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