Net 30 days - 1.5% Interest Per Month (18% APR). All accounts are subject to credit approval prior to placing orders. On new accounts, a Credit Application will automatically be sent to you with your price inquiries so that the credit process can be started. If you choose to wait until you place an order with us, it will hold up your order process in that no order will be entered without the proper credit approval.


The Customer Service Department is available to assist you with any pricing questions. Quotations are based on information provided to us. If you require an exact quote, specifications (along with a sample) must be submitted by mail. We are not responsible for quotes where we have not received an actual sample and specifications.


All pricing is based on receiving final electronic art with hard copy. Any alterations that have to be made will be billed at the rates shown on Art Department Specification Sheet.


Faxed on the day your order is entered. If no fax number is available, your acknowledgment will be sent by regular mail. Please check your acknowledgment immediately upon receipt and call us if any specifications need to be changed. Changes in copy must be submitted to us in writing and are subject to composition and delayed shipping. No ship date will be given on orders that require proofs. Ship dates will be confirmed after proof approval is received.

Freight F. O. B.

Milton, VT. All orders will be shipped prepaid and charge unless otherwise specified. Prepaid and charge shipments = freight will be added to your invoice.

Special Packaging

Special packaging is available if needed, and an upcharge will apply depending on what is required.

Split Shipments

Add $10.00 for each different shipping location.

Overruns and Underruns

Subject to 10%.

Cancellation Charges

Cancellation charges will be based on the following: -Order entered but not yet processed through Art Department: $10.00 -Proofs completed: Net proof charges in addition to order processing charge. Any additional charges incurred such as negatives, plates, dies, special material, will also be billed at cost.

Customer Supplied Forms

Customer supplied forms must arrive by date indicated on acknowledgment in order to hold ship date. If forms come in and are rejected by our Quality Control Dept. due to poor quality, customer will be notified. If we are unable to use customer supplied forms and have to wait for new forms to arrive, customer will be invoiced at that time for the card or label portion of the order, and we will hold product in inventory until new forms are received by customer.

Returned Goods

Product may not be returned and will not be accepted without our return authorization. Credit is not issued on factory authorized remakes until product is returned. Credit is only issued for the quantity that is returned to us. All product returns are subject to a quality inspection by our Quality Control Department. No remake or credit will be issued until our quality inspection is complete and it is found to be a valid complaint.


Claims must be submitted in writing within 1 year of receipt of goods. After this date we will assume no liability on orders produced regardless of which party is in error. Liability shall be limited to stated selling price of the order in question.


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