Imaging (Design) Layout

Please clearly indicate the physical placement of all-variable and fixed data fields, which are to be imaged on the printed product - including font, point, digit and format. This can be accomplished on a positive of your incoming copy and art design layout to scale. Complete design layout will insure that all data being imaged by our in-line process is properly located to your specifications. Also, please indicate the type and length of each data field to be imaged:


We also prefer to add a sequential number to the data area for control purposes. This allows production to monitor quality and pinpoint exactly where any disruption in the production process occurs.

Data Format

We can accept the following data format:

  1. Fixed length ASCII text file with CR/LF at the end of each record.
  2. Other PC data files like *.xls, *.dbf, *.mdb.
  3. Header or footer information is not necessary.
  4. A record layout is required for all files to be considered.

Our preferred manner of receiving your data is in an ASCII text file. Other types of PC data files can be utilized if required, such as *.dbf files (dBase files), or *.mdb or *.xls files (though these are not recommended for large data runs.)

Record Layout (Data Fields)

We require field definition in a text file or hardcopy accompanied with the imaging data file. For example, when sending data within an ASCII text file, each field should be clearly defined:


Fields Start Length
NAME 1 32
ADDRESS2 65 32
CITY 97 20

Please note that if the data file includes unnecessary fields or other information, we will carry out data reforming at an additional charge determined by the amount of the time estimated for the reformatting process.


We can accept the following data media:

  1. PC floppy disks (with and without compression), good for smaller amounts of data.
  2. CD-ROM
  3. FTP File Transfer

Our preference is to receive CD ROM, PKZIPPED PC files or via email.

It is most important to note that we will make every attempt to work with your data requirements. Please contact us with your specific needs. We look forward to serving you.

Direct Mail Files

Before submitting a file for direct mail use, we must have a sample file with at lease 100 records and a record layout. Our preferred file formats are *.dbf or ASCII fixed-length. The CASS certification process can be done in house for your convenience. This will be billed at a per piece charge plus a minimum setup fee. NCOA certification will be at an additional cost.


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